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Readwok is the name of an online reader designed to read more consciously. Its creator, Oleg, wanted to find out if splitting to read would be useful and developed the tool, a prototype, which is readwok.com.

Although right now it is more of a beta version, it is perfectly usable and its value can be checked at a glance. What this reader provides is a way of progressively visualizing texts, paragraph by paragraph, focusing the focus on the block of text we are reading.

We can use Readwok by uploading text in epub, fb2, html … even in plain text, copying and pasting directly into the reader upload page. No need to register, it can be done directly, although if we do we can continue reading on other devices.

The interesting thing about this reader is that, in addition to serving us to read more carefully books, perhaps dense documents, complex articles, it can also help us to correct texts, for example, since it allows you to edit the text while we read it.

A help, especially when we are reviewing texts that we almost know by heart and that, therefore, are more difficult to polish in terms of errors.

News link: https://cutt.ly/9QtFvX7