1️⃣ When you dedicate yourself to this 👩💻 and suddenly you get a call 📞 of the bank in the middle of an important task, warning you that they receive alarms of attempt of 2 fraudulent purchases of 💲💲💲 to well-known websites of habitual purchase …

2️⃣ When they contribute 📀 personal data of yours, and they ask you if they have to stop the suspicious fact …

3️⃣ When doubts assail you 😓, The nerves arrive… and for a moment you have to stand up and say: Wait, wait… NO!!️ ⛔️

➡️ Hang ☎️Quickly call. ➡️ You check the phone number received and voices that it is real…🥺 ➡️ You breathe deeply, put yourself in analytical mode and evaluate the facts and data… Then suddenly the light arrives😃

🧠 You know this doesn’t work like that. That you have tools 📟 that they should have warned you. And you confirm it ✅ with the OFFICIAL documentation you are looking for. You can only end up thinking:👉 These people know a lot and they do it very well. 👉 If it can happen to you, you understand that everyone is exposed on a regular basis.

🫵 Train yourself and train your people in Cybersecurity

🫵 Ask professionals for help

🫵 Don’t let your guard down!!