The new Outlook, which for quite some time has been identified as One Outlook, is finally available with a preview phase for all users who are interested in using it; to replace the current Windows applications for e-mail, calendar and contact management.

The truth is that Microsoft has taken its time, more than two years ago; that we’ve started hearing about this new app.

Currently, the two alternatives coexist, the intention is that the new Outlook replaces the Windows applications that, until now, provided these functions.

And when will this happen? Well sooner than we could think because, as we can read in the Bleeping Computer, Microsoft will start the migration to the new Outlook as soon as next month, in August. A migration process that, barring changes or surprises, will end at the end of 2024.

Thus, those in Redmond grant a little less than a year and a half so that the change does not have to be run over, but they also do not consider extending the transition too long.

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