“Phishing”, “smishing”, “vishing”, “spoofing”… these are just some of the scams that are increasingly being used in Spain.

Sources from the Technical Unit of the Judicial Police (UTPJ) of the Guardia Civil relate the computer scams that are proliferating now, difficult to frame in a Penal Code that cannot adapt at the speed that criminals do.

More smishing scams, i.e. via SMS, and vishing (by telephone) are being detected. As the sources consulted stress, there is now even a proliferation of scams using a combination of these two methods.


Typically, the victims are SMEs, as large companies tend to have better IT security and their employees are more aware of the risks.

This is a type of scam in which criminals send emails from “email” addresses pretending to be those of a supplier company.


Fraudsters use various techniques to position themselves, that is, so that when a Google search is made, that website comes out ahead of the cloned one, although this is only one of the methods.

Link to the news: https://n9.cl/g04s6